Prosci Offers New Enterprise Change Management Program

LOVELAND, Colo., May 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Prosci announces a new 1-Day Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Boot Camp for jump-starting organizational competency in change management. “When it comes to managing change, leading companies are moving from a project-by-project perspective to a more holistic view,” states Tim Creasey, Prosci Chief Development Officer. “Companies are now asking, ‘how do we build organizational capability in change management so that every change is managed well?’ Vision and direction for institutionalizing change management is what has been missing from the equation.”

To support this rapidly evolving trend, Prosci has developed a one-day workshop to build customized strategies and plans for deploying change management across the enterprise. At the Prosci ECM Boot Camp, participants will learn a simple yet robust deployment approach and gain access to leading-edge tools for deploying change management broadly across an organization.

The Prosci ECM Boot Camp covers: 1) how to get started — laying the foundation for Enterprise Change Management in your organization; 2) how to audit your organization’s current change management maturity using the latest rubric tools; and 3) how to create your roadmap for making “great change management” second nature and the norm in your organization.

“In this face-to-face, fast-paced session, you learn what to do and what mistakes to avoid when building change management capabilities,” comments Mike Davis, Prosci Account Team Lead. “You can create the framework you need for building organizational change management competencies, based on Prosci’s latest benchmarking research. Whether you are just getting started or want to evaluate your organization’s progress so far, Prosci’s ECM toolset gives you the necessary structure and guidance.”

The first two sessions of the Prosci ECM Boot Camp have been scheduled and registrations are now being accepted (seats are limited). Venues are located close to the airport, making in-and-out travel easy. Both venues provide a complimentary airport shuttle to simplify travel arrangements.

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