Netwrix Offers Change Management Solution for Virtual Machine Environments – VMware and System Center VMM

The New Products Supporting VMware and Microsoft Platforms Further Solidify Netwrix’s Commitment to the Unified IT Change Management Platform

Paramus, New Jersey, April 16, 2008 – Netwrix Corporation, a provider of identity management, compliance and change management solutions for Active Directory and virtual machine environments, announced today that it has broadened its scope in the IT change management solutions by offering two new products that simplify the ability to manage virtual machine environments while supporting both the VMware Infrastructure 3 and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager platforms. Titled Change Reporter for VMware Infrastructure 3 and Change Reporter for Virtual Machine Manager, the new software products are designed to expand the capacity to audit, manage, monitor, analyze and report any changes made to virtual machine environments. The new products will become a part of the integrated Netwrix Change Management Suite.

“The decision to enter into the virtualization software market allows Netwrix to best meet the needs of its ever-expanding customer base,” said Netwrix President and CEO Michael Fimin. “We understand that change auditing is an important process for controlling the management of growing virtual machine environments and introducing the unified change auditing and change management processes will help to enhance the effectiveness of IT departments. Hundreds of customers already leverage our change management platform for Active Directory and we just applied the same proven technology to VI3 and VMM-based environments.”

Both products are available in FREE versions, designed to improve the overall effectiveness of IT departments by providing them with a foremost toolset for scrutinizing any and all changes that are made — whether authorized or unauthorized — in virtual machine settings. Left unmonitored, erroneous and unauthorized changes can cause failures and outages in any virtual infrastructure — yet they occur almost every day. With Change Reporter for VMware Infrastructure 3 and Change Reporter for Virtual Machine Manager, all VM changes are tracked and audited, ensuring controlled change management and documentation processes. Another advantage of day-to-day change monitoring is prevention of virtual machine sprawl that many IT administrators are afraid of.

In addition to the free version, Netwrix also offers a commercial version of these products that further expand the reporting capabilities. The upgraded version allows IT managers to monitor the activities of all personnel within the department and provides them with a detailed summary of all changes on a daily basis. This version records all administrative activity and e-mails daily reports to IT managers, detailing every change in virtual environment configuration, including containers, resource pools, and all other objects. Collected audit data is archived and can be stored for years. The archiving function allows organizations to analyze any policy violations, adhere to security best practices and ensure regulatory compliance.

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