Is Your Press Release Strategy Effective? – Chatter Buzz

With such a cluttered media space and reams of information being pumped through the wires at all times, you must find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack. If you rise above the din by putting a face to your email address, you can establish yourself as a trusted source for newsworthy information.

This, of course, means your press release should also contain newsworthy information. Media outlets are rarely interested in releases that offer no noteworthy or timely content. Write about an event coming up, or about a new product line that’s just about to launch. Find an angle that convinces writers your information is useful and, therefore, publishable.

If you don’t have an event coming up, create one. You can generate your own buzz by putting together happenings designed specifically for press coverage.

A holistic approach to public relations

So now you know better strategies for sending our press releases. But if you’re not combining press releases into a larger public relations strategy, you’re not leveraging your time effectively. That’s the sad truth.

To change that, you should first bring your press release to your social media and web presence. Repackage your content for each of these media channels to get the information in front of eyes that are already focused on you. If you generate enough buzz via social media (possibly even reaching the golden “Trending” label), you can actually make your press release more newsworthy as a result. These days, social media and news are intricately connected, and things like interest and shareability matter.

You can also rework your press release into a targeted email messaging campaign that reaches people who have already expressed interest in your product. The point is to achieve full saturation of the information through your various media outlets to get the most mileage out of your release.

Of course, it’s a good idea to also use a reputable wire for distribution, like PR Newswire[1], though those services can be expensive and should be used thoughtfully—and following all of the rules in the section above.

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