How to Write a Great Press Release for Your Social Enterprise – Social Change Central

So you’re ready to write your social enterprise’s press release and share the big news with the world – congratulations! It’s a big step and before you start, we’ve got a few tips. Passion gets you a long way but trust us, there’s a few things that will make your press release stand out amongst the many others that journalists receive.

Will people care?

Ask yourself whether people will give a damn before you start, as you may save yourself a lot of time or you may choose to approach the topic differently. Consider the audience you are writing to and why they will find the news of your social enterprise important. Ask yourself, ‘what do they care about?’, ‘why would someone want to read this?’, and ‘how am I providing value to a reader?’. A targeted and well-considered press release is more likely to impact the audience you’re looking to reach and create a call to action.

Submit your release to publications and journalists who have access to the audience you’re looking for. Remember to get creative with this bit, as they’re not always the mainstream media outlets. Consider freelance journalists who are influential, blogs and smaller prints outside of the big ones as well. Check out the Exposure section on Social Change Central for publications and podcasts that are looking for great press releases from social enterprises. [1]

Be concise and clear

Journalists will skim your writing and often make a decision before they’ve read the whole release. They’re time poor and need the basics fast. By making sure the information you are trying to convey is clear and concise, this will help journalists identify what makes your piece stand out from others. Be clear on your social enterprise’s mission, vision and impact (and other key pieces) and demonstrate why this is important.

Use qualitative and quantitative data

Do your research and display it in numbers using quotes. When you are using quotes, be mindful to use them as pieces that capture the insights or opinions of your social enterprise. Consider a quote from your founder, a credible body within the operating realm of your social enterprise’s impact and/or a beneficiary or client of your social enterprise.

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