Deloitte recognized as a global leader in Communications and Change Management Consulting by ALM

“In order to develop and implement a successful transformation agenda, companies need to leverage broader innovations and discoveries to help drive performance,” said Yves Van Durme[1], Deloitte Global Strategic Change leader. “Leveraging the Deloitte Change framework, Deloitte member firms collaborate with clients to help them from vision to value.”

According to ALM, Communications and Change Management consulting services are defined as “orchestrating company-wide changes in culture and ways of working to improve the engagement of employees to execute on strategic objectives.”

“Our approach and framework to change management produces high impact, personalized change, underpinned by behavioral science, analytics, and technology, among other key components,” added Mike Bentley, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP (US). “This accolade solidifies our continued efforts to customize our change management framework to meet evolving client needs and ensure successful transformation.”

Additional Findings

  • “Communications and change management services are anchored in the Organization, Transformation & Talent practice of Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting line of business. While change management is offered as a standalone service, change professionals are also integrated into engagement teams across the [network’s] Consulting and Advisory businesses to drive implementation goals and strengthen clients’ abilities to sustain new ways of working. Deloitte Digital actively engages as well, bringing creative design and digital technology services that enable a personalized approach to change management.”
  • “Deloitte’s approach to change management is grounded in a paradigm of digital business transformation, in which the organization’s ability to leverage a mix of digital and other emerging technologies for competitive advantage requires a capability for human-centered, continuous change. The approach is underpinned by a set of guiding principles that combine behavioral science, leadership, cloud technology, and analytics to create personalized experiences that shape a change-capable culture.”
  • “The [Deloitte network] receives high marks from clients for its ability to implement change at scale and challenge mindsets with its user-centric, data-driven consulting approach.”
  • “Deloitte’s Vision to Value framework represents an alternative approach to change management that can be tailored to the complexity of the client’s transformation needs as well as its level of transformation capability. The traditional rules-based construct for managing change gives way to four “essential elements” of change, a model that adapts to different organizational systems and operating models as it reveals imperatives for the experience design: define purpose, design for impact, develop capability, and drive performance.”
  • “Deloitte executes the Vision to Value framework with a set of tools and accelerators that align to each element and leverage the latest research in behavioral science (including nudge theory), gamification, liquid learning, strategic communications, and leadership development. Deloitte ChangeScout provides clients with a cloud-based operating system for managing change. All change activities and data are centralized on the digital platform, allowing change leaders to manage stakeholder relationships, synchronize change impacts, plan interventions, and align to broader organizational goals by linking change activities to business strategies. The solution reinforces Deloitte’s commitment to combine analytics with a high touch approach to designing the change experience.”
  • “With ChangeScout, Deloitte has created a platform-as-a-service solution for managing change portfolios at the enterprise level, providing project teams with a holistic view of the change effort, along with the ability to segment and visualize data to enhance decision-making through real-time dashboards. ChangeScout powers each element of Deloitte’s Vision to Value framework, ensuring a focus on business strategy and benefits enabled by the change program.”

As used in this press release, “Deloitte” refers only to the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms and their affiliates.

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