“Daily Insights of a Change Agent” Book Release

Kirk Smith Unlimited & Associates announces the release of “Daily Insights of a Change Agent,” the first book of the “Change Agent Insight Series.” This book is a quick-read, but extensive on substance and impact.

Lakeland, FL, April 09, 2016 –(PR.com)– The Self-help Book, “Daily Insights of a Change Agent” Now Available.Kirk Smith Unlimited & Associates announces the release of “Daily Insights of a Change Agent,” the first book of the “Change Agent Insight Series.” This is not a chapter book, it is a quick-read (60-pages), but extensive on substance and impact.

Ideal for those who aspire to make positive change in the world and those engaged in social change. Helpful insights for committed and skilled teachers, leaders, executives and consultants who desire to help individuals, couples, families and organizations become stronger and of even greater value to the world. This book will help people become unlimited in their ability to realize their vision, purpose and full potential holistically.

These insights will inspire learning individuals to unlock their potential and dedicate themselves to energize innovative institutions and organizations. Using the author’s holistic insight and innovative principles, change agents can help their colleagues and constituents realize their tangible and intangible dreams.

“This is a self-help for individuals, couples, families, and organizations to maximize their potential. We are in need of straight shooters who aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations. We have to believe that people are more capable and valuable than they’re given credit for. These insights marry the sublime with the systematic, allowing for creativity and change, with a strong focus on foundation and calls to action,” says the author, Kirk Ray Smith.

Copies are available on Amazon.com in paperback ($9.99 USD), and electronic versions ($6.99 USD).

About the Author, Kirk Ray Smith Sr.

Kirk is a published author and op-ed columnist. He serves as an Adjunct Professor for various Colleges and Universities. Specializing in leadership development, social justice, community engagement, marketing for nonprofits, organizational change, and public policy advocacy within both undergraduate and graduate studies programs. Kirk holds a Bachelor of Science of Human Services and a Master of Science of Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College. He is a nationally certified Nonprofit Organizational Leader & Leadership Development Professional. Kirk has been a senior executive level leader of non-profit organizations, motivational speaker and lecturer for over 20 years. He has been featured on numerous national and local television shows and in news publications and magazines discussing self-improvement and social change.

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